Child Care program directors, staff, and parents have the opportunity to attend educational discussions about disaster response, preparedness, and social emotional development.

Our Support Line

The Child Care Council of Nassau has a phone line available during regular business hours. Child care staff or families can call this line regarding questions about social emotional health and behavioral challenges.

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The “I’m Here For You Now” Program

The “I’m Here For You Now" program welcomes trained Early Childhood Mental Health Consultants into your classroom to implement the program, which is designed to build upon natural resilience.

The program uses a book developed to incorporate developmentally interactive activities to help guide families, parents, and young children through a process of discovery and recovery. It includes training for teachers and staff, parent engagement, discussion facilitation, and in class assistance.

The program helps adults understand how toddlers and preschoolers cope in times of stress and uncertainty, and identifies children who may be at risk for long term developmental or social-emotional problems.

To schedule these services in your care setting, call or email us today!

call 516-358-9250 x35
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Early Childhood Consultation Partnership ® (ECCP)

Child care centers may access this free, nationally recognized evidence based consultation model.

ECCP® can help child care develop strategies for working with children with challenging behaviors, social emotional concerns, supporting families, supporting staff, and enriching the overall social emotional environment for children.

You may choose from a range of services that include phone consultation, developing strategies and referrals for an individual child, classroom support, and director policy support.